The Love for Labels & Brassieres

OXO Tower View

Instagram the burger & chips you had last night, from the kebab shop that has a 3 star hygiene rating, don’t forget to tag your location and write a comment about how good it felt. No?

Why do we only feel acceptance from the likes that we receive from people when you let them know you’re dining in the OXO Tower Brassiere, admiring the view while sampling their succulent Sea Bass.

Do we feel judged because the place we ate at last night isn’t rated on Time Out’s Top 100 places to eat? Why when it comes to Food, Relationships and even Fashiondo we only feel satisfied about our actions because the world knowns the venue we ate at, or the designer that made our clothes, or that the man you are taking photos with is in fact your boyfriend?

Does society, have the necessity to identify every humanly relationship we have, the same when we order our wine, we need to know that it’s Sauvignon Blanc from Chile, and not just white?

Do these labels we associate ourselves with make us happy on the inside, or does the satisfaction come from people knowing ‘what’ or ‘Who’ has touched our lips? Are we just a generation that live for the world and not themselves?

We guess you will need a ‘Boyfriend’ in order to book a table.


PS. Our favourite dishes from the OXO Tower have to be the; Monkfish & Clams in Caldeirada Sauce and the Sea bass with Garlic Gnocchi.


A Non Guilty Peridise…


Healthy is the new trend that no one is questioning. But who said we have to follow this lifestyle every day?

As we have already exposed, monotony is bland, therefore to kill the routine, all the body is asking for is a guilty pleasure. Sometimes, despite the excitement of eating well cooked chicken, as women we hold in the back of our minds, that we should be feasting our taste buds on the Caesar Salad.

Do we really need to feel guilty for cheating on society’s rules? Is it so wrong for a hot and spicy Nandos once in a while? Last time we checked it wasn’t a crime and it certainly didn’t taste bad either. Seasoning our daily bread with Lemon & Herb isn’t always as satisfying. Are stable and long lasting relationships still the trend of the 21st Century that independent women want to break?

Why can’t women indulge in such acts, that have been categorised as ‘doing the wrong thing’? Commitment is the ‘correct’ thing to order, but we embrace the salsa that spontaneity brings to our lives. The point of the matter is, if most women enjoy the satisfaction of a one night stand, why do they have to cover up their chicken and chips?

Should women be constipated with their climax’s or be able to release themselves into peridise?




P.s. don’t forget to try our personal favourite the new “Churrasco Thigh Burger”, with extra chips to get you to Peri-dise!



The Naked Truth

“The probability of separate worlds meeting is very small. The lure of it is immense. We send starships. We fall in love.” - Jeanette Winterson

Sex, food and love.

Which is our main course? How do we distinguish our starter from our dessert? Under what circumstances do we prioritise the pleasure to eat? When and how do we establish our tasty habits and incorporate them in our monotony routine?

Today, it is obvious that Cupid has taken a long term vacation and so the romanticism of candle lit dinners and midnight bubble baths have died, together with the promises of eternal love.

In addition are women trying to get the same power as men both in bed and on the table? However when we leave the restaurant or put back on our clothes, we are still thinking: I should, I could or I would.

Even though we want the power, are all women still believing in the hunger for love? Should we leave our feelings on the floor together with our tights, or should we be deciding over champagne that this is going to be a toast for the one and forever?

Do we like the taste of love or do we still just want the spice of sex?